Upcycling is a great trend that allows the old to be new again! With the popularity of sites like Pinterest and Etsy people seem to be taking their crafty ideas and inspiring others around the globe. Whether it’s taking old clothes to upholster furniture or taking an industrial piece and turning it into something for a home with country décor, there is a way to recreate and redesign just about anything. Flipping discarded pieces and creating unexpected ones that can serve functional and beautiful purposes takes the idea of recycling to a whole new level!

The Yates Mills Antique fair is a great place to find the wares that will provide the pieces you need to make your latest upcycled magic! With over 500 vendors that fill up the Poon City fairgrounds, you are bound to find everything you are looking for and more. With multiple antique fair dates throughout the year there is more than one opportunity during the course of the year to walk the rows of vendors and find the perfect pieces for you to reinvent and reimagine. The Yates Mills Antique fair is great for people who are looking for specific items or just taking a look at what is available and waiting for inspiration to strike! Whether you like old quilts or apothecary items, Civil War memorabilia or antique suitcases there are bound to be multiple vendors whose stations catch your eye.

The Poon City fairgrounds becomes reimagined as the antique market you’ll love both indoors and outdoors throughout the year. As fellow antique lovers, we were always bothered by the long winter months with less opportunity for great finds at even better prices and so we have found a way to hold our antique fair, on a smaller scale, during the winter months as well. The large outdoor fair with 500+ vendors occurs the second Saturday of every April, June, August, and September of each year. Inside the grandstands of the fairgrounds, the Yates Mills Antique fair houses two mini winter craft and antique fairs. The mini winter craft and antique fairs are a great opportunity to showcase and sell the great upcycled goods that you create with your spring and summer finds!

  • While we have a loyal number of vendors from around the county who make the Yates Mills Antique fair a must attend event for their businesses, we are always looking for new additions to our great antique fair and mini winter craft and antique fairs.
  • Whether you are looking to shop or to sell, you’ll be sold on the amazing opportunities at the Yates Mills Antique fair!